Kendall Youth 12-2018
Our purpose here at KUMC Youth is to connect students to Know Christ, Serve Christ, and Share Christ. We believe that each student that comes through our doors are loved deeply by Christ. We want to teach our students that Jesus loves them deeply, and that they have a wonderful Creator. We want to show them that God can be trusted with their lives. We talk about these truths during our various weekly meetings. Wednesday nights (4-8pm) are where we spend time worshiping God and praying for each other as the Bible commands us to.
Friday nights(5-9PM) is where the party is at. Where we meet to celebrate and worship our risen and reigning Savior Jesus <><

Wednesday Nights:
5 PM - 8 PM | Youth Lounge
KUMC Church Dinner 530-630 PM $4 Children $8 Adults

Friday Nights:
5 PM - 9 PM | Youth Lounge Dinner ($3) from 6-630 PM
630-8 PM Fun & Fellowship! 8-9 Praise/Worship & Message!

***We are having a Parents meeting Friday Sept 13, 2019...630-730pm!!! Blessings!!!***

Contact Steve Martin, Youth Director, for more information at 305-667-0343 ext 117 or via our secure Contact form.

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